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vespa_front_nightHow many times has a passing scooter made your head turn to see the generations flying by?

Did you know that in Niš, at the Square of Republic, stands Vuks monument? Right in the centre of the modern bohemian neighbourhood, his view looks upon the Bar that radiates urban spirit.

There in the middle of a thriving cultural area Niš is gaining back style draped in a mods overcoat. Here lives Vespa Bar, the portal from which urban lifestyle goes back to 1946 and has found its resting place in the city of Niš.

Vespa Bar takes its customers back to the time of different values, a place where in the present you can dive into the waters of harmony and asthetics. It is a bond of modern and bygone times that gives this bar melodic overtones of jazz mixed with bits of today.

There you are, surrounded by the City centre, in which there are eruptions of changes and earthquakes of nostalgia.